Google is finally updating some real trust worthy updates. This time, with a penalty for over-optimization. 

Or should we say, a penalty for over-automization?  

The verdict is in: Google has now officially deemed pretty much all automated backlinks as invaluable, useless, and of no real value. 
Finally, the SEO companies that have wanted to build links the right way can compete with the automated machines that were once king of the Link Building arena. 

In 2011, it was a time of good ole white hat linking your friends private blog networks while using our super intelligent automation system to build out these networks, and post to them in a genius like fashion.

Basically, in the past, it was impossible to compete against the mass automated tools that were working very well to rank in the Search Engines. That is, with a budget of less then 5k per month in very competitive keyword terms with high amounts of traffic. But, now that those links have been devalued, we are able to move into good long term real value for our clients. Good good solid SEO Link Building with authentic hand built structures to please even the toughest yo yo's of the algorithms. 

So, Google has changed what use to be white hat to now being spam! And if you were a part of the whole link building movement from 2005 and on, you know very well that pretty much every website out there has purchased some 'directory submission' packages or 'contextual backlinks' packages. And guess what? They worked really well back then but the problem was that they became overly saturated and heavily populated as SEO became more and more aggressive in nature. 

Solution 101:

We know what Google wants/needs, so pay attention here; 

By studying their behavior for the last several years and how the Google algorithm has evolved, we've had a great opportunity to see hundreds of sites shift and bounce, and pop back into place again. So we are able to have an eagle eye over many thousands of different keywords, variables, and on-site differences to measure good trust factors and balanced weights in link profiles. 

It's about real optimization, community related authorship, and brand name recognition. And of-course, a unique website to back that up. Oh, and make sure you have a well-balanced, not over-optimized, inbound link portfolio. 

If you have a website that has slipped in the search engines from the last update, we advise not to over-react to this in anyway. 

What you can do is start by adding unique images, branding, and content. Make sure you are involved with Facebook, Twitter, and a relevant forum inside of your community niche. Do not contact Google's webmaster portal and admit to anything, or attempt to delete any old backlinks. This will just be a pure waste of your time. 

If you are building links through automation, or are hiring a company for your link building campaigns. Make sure they have completely stopped. They should have known about this Google update long before it was released and they should have already started a well balanced manually targeted link campaign for you. 

Make sure you on-page stuff is well structured and you are blogging. There are lots of plugins that will streamline your websites blog posts, as well as great opportunities inside of relevant niche forums for you to establish good author name recognition. 

If you are managing more then one site, then make sure that your clients know what their job is as an owner of an online business. And what is required of them to establish their brand name in the world wide web. 

Google seems to have launched their worst algorithm update since their history of search. If you read anything about the SEO world right now. You'll see that there is a possibility that Negative SEO can be effective. If you are a Black Hat type of guy that is.  Black Hat? Yes, the type of guy that uses automation to blast spam to your website to get your website to drop in rankings. 
Previously, this was never an issue with SEO because if you were trying to hurt your competitors website by blasting spam, it would just simply not work. But now, I'm afraid my friend, it can, and it does work. So, what's to think about here?  

Google, is an extremely volatile Search Engine, but, they do have their guns loaded. So, you can expect another release shortly so that they can clean up their mess. Yes, I'm pointing the finger at Google this time. They changed too many rules too fast and it's bit them right in the ass!

What to do if you are Link Building now.

Do we watch the SERPS and jump on the band wagon for what's ranking right now? As in, "Oh my, that site is using profile links to rank and they ranked so fast and ranked within one week on a great keyword. I think I'll go buy me 1,000 profile backlinks for $5 bucks and rank my site now." - WRONG!  If you jump onto the 'fad' type of link building right now, you are going to pay for it. If you want to participate in negative SEO, go ahead, go buy those cheap backlinks that are automated. 

Best steps of SEO Link Building moving forward:

We know what Google needs/wants/working towards for their future of a promising search engine. It's something they've been working on for the past several years. It's partially why they launched +1. It's why authors are showing up in the SERPS and why you need to make sure you are building your reputation wisely. 

Keep these three things in mind before you decide to move forward with your online business. 

1. Brand name recognition
2. Author name Authority
3. A Legitimized Website backing these things up

If you know anything about TRUST, then you can do your own link building. Try to link to relevant community platforms that are going to bring you relevant traffic. Establish a connection with your audience through Facebook, a relevant forum, etc...

At GTS, we focus on building Persona's for our clients. So that any link building that we do is not only relevant, but trusted in their niche community. 

Google came out with 40 different algorithmic updates in February. That is probably the most they've release in one month to date.

You can view the post here:  

What's basically happening in the Search Engines right now is a lot of fluctuation, adjustments, patch testing, and heavy shifting into what Google is putting weight into for building a better engine. At least, that is their hope. 

Posting contextual backlinks into private owned blog sites became the best strategy in link building for 2011. It was a great method to use because of the great rankings and low prices that were offered throughout SEO. However, in the mid year, most SEO companies quickly caught on to this method of link building and it became all too popular and heavily oversaturated. What this meant for private blog owners was a great opportunity to 'sell' out their homepage and making it a place for people to post content to. But, the issues of overly posting, mixed categories, and too many posts per day became an apparent red flag for Google. 

By the Fall of 2011, Google started doing 'patch testing' to their algorithms that would further become their most popular and significant algorithm up to date; Panda 3.3!

The problem with Panda 3.3 is that Google's approach to better serve their users became more of a public embarassment in penalizing sites that had a different 
marketing approach with on-page layouts using heavy laden images on the upper fold. 

Slapping sites with a lot of "click here", "buy now", and even images were considered not a good "page layout" in Google's eyes. 

See this post here:

And to see if your site is optimized in layout improvement go here:

Also, their algorithms were so strict in some cases they even slapped their own sites:

What we do know, is that Google is requiring a lot more out of webmasters and SEO's for establishing trus on their site. We launched a newsletter last summer explaining our concerns with poorly built websites and then even published it on our page url here:, Google was putting so much weigth into TRUST, that it became our new focus with our links. This means perfect on-page SEO, optimial keyword targeting per page url, outbound links to trusted community relevant sites, images, videos, social Facebooklike buttons on every page/blog post, AddThis social buttons on every page, and so on.

Here are some important on page factors you should consider: 
Add a FaceBook 'like' button ON your pages that you've assigned us to campaign. You can do this by 
using the code found on this page here:

This will allow us to maximize our Social Signaling as we move forward. 

For plugins, and other good resources: - great social plugin - great for all around SEO leverage - great for social 'buttons' on your site and tracking your clicks - great for geo-location tracking 

Adding more trust to your sites AND to your backlinks is more important then ever. 
Have you noticed any fluctuations in your rankings as of last week?

If you did, it's because of two things and here they are so pay attention!

1.Your link portfolio is being de-indexed in large numbers.
2. You have no real quality content on the page/url that you are trying to rank. 

Both of these factors directly relate to the ongoing Panda updates and Freshness Algorithm Implementation. 

I won't go into details here to fix these issues (we keep that for our clients) but I will lead you in the right direction for a good trusted and qualified resource that may help you out. :)

Here is your link: Algorithms


We saw two updates in the last 3 weeks. 

The first update gave a PR9. 

Now it's back up to PR10. 

I think there were a lot of errors in the first pr update and we may even see more coming this year. 

Backlinks - Their Market Value & Diversity!

Pad File Links (Portable Application Description) ~ This is a downloadable (shareware) software that is built for automating things in the business world. These subsets of XML’s can be submitted into the PAD extension directories. So in a sense, this is a directory submission but with a twist and can be powerful for indexing and other linking strategies if used correctly. 

Article Directory Links ~ These types of links are good for linking in a sense that it can give you a great deal of IP diversity which is very important. Article do not hold near the value as they did in 2010, however, they should still be implemented into your strategy. 

Blog Roll (site wide) Links ~ These links use to be a very good tactic in link strategy. Although they don’t hold nearly as much weight anymore, they still hold a great deal of juice when competing for tougher terms and you are having to add to your overall arsenal of diversity. 

Forum Signature Links ~ a good little link building secret used for giving your keywords a bit of a surge in the SERPS. We don’t suggest this as a sole strategy but it is good for certain instances. Using these links are useful for indexing purposes (using them as 2nd and 3rd tier links).

Ad Links & Classified Links  ~ These are great to use on heavily trafficked websites that are relevant to your keywords. Just make sure that you know what you are paying for and that your link is anchored as a “do-follow” inside of your image ad. This method can work for traffic but it can be de-valued by the search engines if you are using this type of strategy too much. Also, these links are often no-follow links. 

Social Links _ The search engines are heightening their focus and weight towards the Social part of the web. So yes, these links are important to have in link building. With the new Google +1 releasing, it’s obvious that this will continue to be an important element of your link building portfolio.

Video Links ~ Youtube, Viddler, and other Video distribution sites that sometimes offer url (addresses) as references. These types of backlinks “can” be effective if not overused for the sole purpose of backlinks. 
Authority Links ~ links coming from websites that hold a great amount of expertise on the worldwide web. The thing to strongly consider here is to make sure that you are getting links from PR4 and above expert sites. Having a high PR in the root domain carry greater weight. 

Web2.0 Links ~ These are great site like Squidoo, and They are exceptional for posting unique content and receiving a backlink (editorial vote) from. This is because these sites often hold a high pr in their root domain which passes good link juice to your site. 

Classified - Ad Links